#1 Beginner Pull-up Mistake

#1 Beginner Pull-up Mistake 😫😱 | And it's NOT what you may think

pull-ups Dec 22, 2021

Seriously, this is the secret that NO ONE is telling you that will help you get that pull-up faster. And it’s NOT what you might think πŸ˜…

It all has to do with…you ready? Overhead Range of Motion. That right…you’re probably thinking what the actual F*ck….no one has ever told me this… they just throw me on the bar and make me do assisted pull-ups..

But have no fear.. I am here and to your rescue! 

In the beginning of my Pull-up Programs I ALWAYS have the crew members assess their Overhead Range of motion using a simple test. Now it’s important to know something, mobility is NOT just being able to get to a certain point, it’s being able to get to that point and functionally move.  Watch Full Video Below πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»

IF you do the test in the video and you can’t touch your pinkies to the wall comfortably that does NOT mean that you are doomed and never getting your pull-up. It just means this is an area we can work on so that we can improve the pull-up faster ;). 

Next question…. WHAT moves can I do to improve this Overhead Range of Motion so that I can improve my pull-up faster?! Simple: 

Y, T, L, W’s,

(Do 10 of each ) 

Banded Wall Slides 

(Do for 30seconds) 

 Wall Sit Military Press against Wall 



(30seconds each way) 

Repeat the above 2-3 times to help improve that overhead range of motion! This is just a FEW of the moves to help get your first pull-up or increase your max!  Try out some of the resources I have below with FULL Programs! =) 


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