What should your Pull-up Look Like?!

pull-ups Dec 30, 2021

I like to break up the pull-up a bit differently from MOST people....πŸ˜… here in Angela's Coaching World we call this 

Start from the Bottom now we here....

Why do I call the pull-up break down this?!

Because think about it...we are literally starting from the bottom (standing below the bar) and pulling ourselves up (chin above the bar) 

So I'm going to break the pull-up down for you step by step so that you truly understand it. Really take note of EACH part of this! It will help YOU become successful in your pull-up journey to finally conquer your pull-up OR increase your max! 

We will go over the following:

  • Where do your arms go? 
  • How should it look? 
  • Where do your hands go? 
  • Thumbs over or under the bar?! 
  • What the hell do I do with my legs during all of this? 
  • Where should my elbows be bending to? 

Step 1: Hang on the bar with arms a little further than shoulder width apart, wrist are neutral


Step 2: Thumbs can be over or underbar depending on your preference, thumbs under bar can help activate your muscle better and make you feel more secure on the bar, but it can also feel uncomfortable. You should play around with both grips. Wrapping your thumb is also a great way to be prepped and ready if you ever want to do muscle ups 


Step 3: Shrug your Shoulders to help activate those Lats. Thinking of "sighing" and getting those shoulders away from the ears, notice at this step I haven't started ANY bend in the elbows yet 

Step 4: Make sure leg position is correct. They can be bent and crossed while squeezing your glutes (which helps activate your core and lats) or feet straight and slightly in front of you so that you can come up at the bar at a slight angle and get your chest to the bar, this also helps to activate that core. Remember pull-ups are a FULL BODY MOVEMENT 


Step 5: While keeping your shoulders relaxed, pull those elbows down aggressively towards your rib cage at 45 degree angle. 

Visualize trying to “BREAK” the Bar the bar in half. (We go over a ton of the Q's in my program to help you get all the way up) 


Step 6: Attempt to touch your chest to the bar and get that chin over


Step 7: Make sure to LOWER down and not just DROP. 

Control is everything !


And that's it... Simple right πŸ˜…Just like that you get right up there and it's easy peezy.... WRONG...some of you might know how difficult this process is. But I can tell you a few things: 

  1. If you put in the work you WILL get it 
  2. It's not as simple as just doing Assisted Band Pull-ups (in fact assisted band pull-ups can be holding you back, video coming soon on this) 
  3. Once you FINALLY conquer your pull-up so many other things become possible..in LIFE.... because 


Nothing can stop YOU're all the way UP! 


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