The One Thing Holding You Back from Getting Your First Pull-Up

The One Thing Holding You Back from Getting Your First Pull-Up

pull-ups Jun 20, 2024

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to get your first pull-up? You're not alone. You've been working on the assisted pull-up band, maybe even with a trainer, yet whenever you attempt that unassisted pull-up, you just can't seem to get anywhere. This post will explain why this is happening and provide key takeaways that you can start using today to get one step closer to achieving your pull-up goals.


Who is Angela Gargano and Why Should You Trust Her?

My name is Angela Gargano. I'm the creator of Pull-Up Revolution, a program that has helped over 500 women conquer their first pull-up in record time. I created this program specifically for women because I noticed a lack of effective resources available to help them achieve this goal. Since 2018, Pull-Up Revolution has successfully assisted countless women in reaching their pull-up ambitions.


Mindset Matters

Before we dive into the technical aspects of achieving a pull-up, let's talk about mindset. If you approach the pull-up bar with thoughts of failure or past doubts, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Start by shaking off those negative thoughts. List reasons why you believe you can't achieve a pull-up and reframe them into positive statements. Mindset is crucial.


Key Takeaway 1: Learning to Hold Tension

One major reason you can’t succeed in your pull-up is due to not learning how to hold tension on the bar. This isn’t about bad tension but healthy tension that keeps you up on the bar and in control. The assisted pull-up band doesn’t teach you to hold this type of tension because it merely bounces you up and down.


Break the Bar Drill

Let’s start with a drill using a broomstick. Hold the broom at your chest, turn your elbows in, and pretend like you’re trying to break it in half. Feel the difference between relaxed elbows and elbows turned in? This is what tension should feel like. Practice this motion with your arms straight overhead as well.


Key Takeaway 2: Tennis Ball Armpit Squeeze

Use tennis balls, or any small object like a lemon or a potato, and place them in your armpits. Squeeze them to create tension in your lats. This drill helps your body learn how to drive your elbows in and maintain tension. You can practice this with your arms straight and your stick overhead too.


Key Takeaway 3: Pull Down, Not Up

When you think about doing a pull-up, the natural tendency is to think about pulling up, which engages your shoulders more. Instead, think about pulling down. This mental shift helps you utilize your back muscles, which are crucial for a successful pull-up.


Applying the Techniques

Once you’re familiar with these drills, it’s time to practice them on the pull-up bar. Start with your stick to rehearse these motions—break the bar, bring the elbows in, and apply tension throughout. If you can, use a chair to assist you as you jump to the bar and try holding tension at the bottom position.


Building from the Bottom

Many people are strong at the top but weak at the bottom of the pull-up. Focus on this weak point. Practice holding tension using a foot to push off slightly if needed. Learn what tension feels like at different positions on the bar, not just the top.


The Program and Community Support

At Pull-Up Revolution, we provide the drills and support needed to achieve your pull-up in record time. Our community and coaching will guide you through every step, offering personalized advice to ensure you succeed. Many have done it in just six weeks!


Final Thoughts

You can achieve your first pull-up. It requires the right mindset, understanding how to hold tension, and consistent practice. If you want comprehensive support, consider joining Pull-Up Revolution. Message me on Instagram @angela_gargano with your key takeaways and any questions. Attend one of our free workshops to get a taste of our unique approach, or dive right into the program to achieve your pull-up goal.


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