Weightlifter vs Ninja

pull-ups Jan 21, 2022

It's super common, especially in females, to be able to lift up heavy weight on a deadlift...but then the second they go to hang on the bar to do some pull-up...nothing...Why are so many strong in one area but not the other?! 

Why is that? Why does this happen? 

We explore this topic in the Video here with my friend Nikki who is a trainer/weightlifter. 

The first thing we go over in this video is the Pull-up. Nikki does her pull-ups and Angela Analyzes them and giver her drills in order to improve them. Angela see's that Nikki is using her shoulders a lot more than her lats so she gives three things to help: 

1) Instead of thinking Pull-up think Pull-Down 

2) Do Lat pull-up downs but with a Shrug pull-down before she does pull-ups 

3) Work on hanging Shoulder Shrugs to prep for the pull-up 

Next up, Nikki analyzes Angela's deadlift to giver her feedback on how she can improve. 

Nikki shows Angela the right positioning for the bar.


At the end of the day, YOU are strong. Sometimes we just use our muscles in different ways. Pulling is NOT something we do regularly, where as lifting shows up in lots of common every day things. Practice at the end of the day makes perfect <3 


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