Pull-ups for Beginners

8 Phases of Getting your Pull-up

pull-ups Dec 16, 2021

So many people think the "win" of getting their pull-up is getting that chin above the bar. While "yes" the goal is to do that I feel like so often they forget about the "in-between movements" along their journey as they are getting stronger. 

Getting your pull-up is NOT a linear Journey..it’s literally a rollercoaster ride. One day you feel strong the next day you feel like you took ten steps backward. 

So I personally create 8 Phases of Getting your Pull-up. You will use these to identify where you are at currently. This is a game-changer for a few reasons:

  1. You can identify where you are at currently 
  2. You can identify what the next phase is that you are going to work towards
  3. You can nail down where you are "stuck" so that you can work on the correct areas to improve your strength 
  4. You can track your progress

8 Phases to Getting Your Pull-up 

👉🏻Phase 1: Can hang of the bar for a few seconds but that is it 

👉🏻Phase 2: Can hang the bar for 20-30seconds at least and get that initial shrug of the pull-up but is stuck getting anywhere past that point 

👉🏻Phase 3: Hanging is no problem at all, you can shrug and get a slight bend in those elbows 

👉🏻Phase 4: You can shrug and get about halfway in that pull-up but you might be using your shoulders to much and you start pulling with one side more that the other (unevenly) 

👉🏻Phase 5: You are able to get one full pull-up, it may not be easy and you might be using your shoulders a bit but you get that chin up there! ⠀

👉🏻Phase 6: You first pull-up is seeming easier and now you are trying to connect 1-3 Pull-ups 

👉🏻Phase 7: Cranking out 1-3 Pull-ups with no problem but slows down after that 

👉🏻Phase 8: Cranking out 5 or more pull-ups with no problem 



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